Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Interoperabilty

My primary care MD is with one practice which uses EPIC for their EMR. A specialist is affiliated with UMass Memorial and they use CareEverywhere. Why don’t these Electronic Medical Record systems interop with each other so that I don’t have to get the same blood tests twice (ouch!)?

Isn’t that the whole reason for EMR and the push by Obamacare for end-to-end electronic medical records? My doctors still have to fax each other like it’s 1989. Where’s that RFID chip implanted in my wrist that will allow EMTs to read my medical conditions in the event that I’m unresponsive? Perhaps I’m asking for too much given that I found this Information Week article.


I had to see a podiatrist for a re-injury of an old injury caused by several seasons of skiing in poorly adjusted ski boots*. Podiatrist is part of Emerson Health which my primary/GP is part of. Podiatrist is using AthenaHealth in her office. I forgot my insurance card so they had to call my GP’s practice to get it. Aditionally I had to fill out paperwork that took an extra 15 minutes to fill out. If their AthenaHealth interoped with my GP’s EPIC, I could of been in and out quick like rabbit.


* I broke down and had custom orthotics done at Northern Ski Works near Killington because of excruciating arch pain and from bashing the hell out of my left big toe to the point where it turned black and blue. If you have flat feet, get the orthotics! Your turns and carving will improve.