The next person that that tries to “save” me on social media will get dropped. As a Unitarian-Universalist, I’m offended because we’re not allowed to “save” non-beleivers. People coming into the UUA are coming because they are attracted to our free-thinking philosophy. Welcome to our church, the wine and cheese table is over there.

I did the fundamentalist 700 Club thing when I was a teenager which was a natural opiate that got me through a rough patch between 1986-1989 until My stepfather started to develop my critical thinking skills and taught me the fundamentals of Western philosophy.

Religion is a stop-gap to get us to the point where we are able to develop our character and spirituality with God’s divine guidance. What you are really trying too achieve is a permanent set of spiritual beliefs that will carry you through this life and beyond. God is a construct that binds every man and child with nature. Be present with God and nature and you’ll be in harmony. If you’re not present to God and nature, you’re going to have a bad time.

I have Reverend John Aspinwall to thank for developing my spiritual belief constructs and my values systems.

I went to the Unitarian-Universalist church because they’re more open and accepting of those that have non-mainstream belief systems. There’s none of that
you’re going to burn in hell” manipulation that’s found in the evangelical Christian community.

Do these “Jesus freaks” get paid on a commission???