Ken Rockwell’s Aspergers Ignorance

For the non-photographers, Ken Rockwell is a famous photography blogger who is know for his highly technical reviews of cameras. He’s also famous for occasionally saying laughably dumb things or giving ill-informed advice.

This is the man that said “… I did not know Jesus was a Jew …” and has advised his readers that they don’t need to bother with manual modes on their cameras. Not using manual modes is bad advice since mastering manual modes makes you a more creative and proficient photographer.

Now he takes the cake with this statement:

“… I can do without Pentax’ primitive DSLRs unless I was some Aspergers case hoping to use my ancient manual-focus Pentax lenses. Pentax’ manual focus lenses are also inferior to Nikon’s AI and AI-s and Canon’s FD lenses. God bless Pentax for trying and not giving up as Minolta and Contax did, but I fail to see who would buy it other than some feeble Aspergian hope to recycle old lenses from my K1000. (For those of you who don’t have to care for as many on-the-spectrum people as I do on a daily basis, those with Asperger’s have great difficulty handling change. Many outsiders may miss my point: those with this disorder find it an insurmountable obstacle to dump their old lenses and get new ones instead.) …” (Pentax K-1 review)


I can deal with an assclown posting laughable gems like “P mode is Profesional mode”. That statement quoted above is ignorant and ablelist.

Please write to Ken Rockwell to call him out on his ableist attitudes and ignorance.

(I’m not hyperlinking to his site so that he can get the benefits of SEO and backlinks to his site)



I’ve had a few people e-mail me about Ken Rockwell. In one source, Mr. Rockwell admits that he is “on the spectrum”. But Mr. Rockwell, why the self-hating attitude towards your ASD? Too many Applied Behavioral Therapy sessions warp your mind?

That said it explains some of the eccentric things he says or does. I have a new found respect for Ken Rockwell as a fellow Autistic Cousin.