Soap Preservation

A few years back I took up traditional wet shaving. It was the curious retro appeal to it. The rituals. Then the blissful sensory treat of a badger brush applying a face lathered soap. It wasn’t always blissful: my fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination led to quite a number of nicks and weepers. Not to mention the razor burn.

Recently I discovered artisanal made shave soaps from companies such as Barrister and Mann and Stirling Soap. The formulation of these soaps were done in a way that the lather was extremely slick, protective, and moisturizing. A blessing for my sensitive skin.

Then I read more and more on Badger and Blade on soap. Then I really started to get curious about the chemistry of soap which has lead to a mild preservation. I was so curious about the science of soap that I considered making my own . What pulled me back was realizing that I had too many damned hobbies and unfinished projects.

That’s how these special interests and preservations start with a simple curiosity. Combined with the autistic brain, they scale to extreme heights driven by the obsessive nature of being on the spectrum.

I have a tub of Reef Point Soaps “Aviator” which I want to trade with someone that has a tub of Barrister and Mann’s Seville. Please contact me via the Contact Me page on this site.