Site reboot status

I wanted to update everyone on my personal rebrand and website reboot.

I often mix my personal and asperger’s blogging with this blog which should be part of marketing myself professionally.

I’m transitioning out of IT and back to creative. I can’t point potential clients to a homepage full of autism self-advocacy essays and random crazy thoughts.

I’ve got my own server. I want to show off my totally rad DevOps. Makes sense to compartmentalize content into different sites. So that’s whata I’m gonna do.

This will remain my showcase site for hiring mangers and clients. This will be the home for my creative portfolio and knowledge dumps. Some day I’ll figure out the secret sauce for DevOps with WordPress and I’ll blog it.

Perry’s House of Nuts

This will be my personal blog where I will post personal stuff. Content pushed out very infrequently.

KB1JCY Bloggy-Poo 2: Electric Boogaloo

If this plan for world domination wasn’t already ambitious, I’m going to try to reboot my amateur radio site. People are rebooting 80s movies, right? Why can’t I reboot a site with a name based upon an 80s B movie?

Free Range Aspergian

I want to credit John Elder Robinson for coining the term free-range aspergian. I find his life story inspirational and him a role model for living a life of autism self-acceptance. He proves that one can be open about their autism, make crazy flashing guitars for KISS, and be baller in a posh Land Rover. Thank you JER for writing books and posting blogs that helped me through some difficult times in my life. Woof!

I want to expand my autism blogging and get personal, really personal. I feel I can help someone by being totally Frank and Sally honest about living with Asperger’s including my other mental health issues. I also want to blog about psych meds. Some dark thoughts may leak out. I fear this may scare off potential jobs so all this is going on its own domain with a big-ass disclaimer as a sticky post.