My Brief Time With the Sigma 50-100mm F1.8 DC HSM Art series

Pardon the expression but this is an indie filmmaker’s wet dream in terms of that epic cinematic “look”. Nothing says serious documentary like super-creamy bokeh and a tack-sharp interview subject (even if the talent is duller than a butter knife). 

I love the look. Only when I nail focus or the GH5 stays in focus. When I have the Metabones Speedbooster with the Sigma 50-100mm F1.8 on the GH5 in autofocus, it wanders in and out while wobbling the image. The solution is to set the GH5 to full manual, get the tape measure out, then calculate depth of field like real Hollywood cameramen. Which is deadly to a run-and-gun situation. I’ve missed so many shots because I CAN shoot f1.8 and I will do it! That sweet bokeh!! But I’ve had to throw out so many shots for my vlog because my face is out of focus. Blame the photographer not the lens. But it’s a cautionary tale to tell because it is easy to miss focus with the camera 7 feet away making it hard to see the focus peaking. And despite my ASD, I’m animated on camera so I’m just slightly in or out of focus by shifting my body. 

Throw this lens on my Canon T3i, autofocus works reliably and I can get really sexy “What I am wearing today” sartorial videos for /r/NavyBlazer. 


Enough talk about how inexperienced of a cinematographer I am. My stills game is stronger. Check out this shot


Just… one.. thing… It’s freaking heavy at 3 pounds! A real drag (sorry!) if you’re carrying this in your bag or shoulder all day. 

The contrast between tack sharp and buttery-smooth bokeh. This is why it costs $1100 USD. And worth the money. It replaces a bag full of primes for stills and video. If you’re daily bread is headshots and interviews, very much worth the premium price to get really classy shots of important people. So much so you can increase your billable rate to pay for the Sigma 50-100mm F1.8.